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Classic European Motocross Championship, Dänemark

2014 feiert die DMU (Danish Motor Union) ihren 100. Geburtstag. In Verbindung mit diesem Ereignis veranstaltete der Honda Park Randers den Classic European Cross (CEC1) am 03. Mai 2014. Jens Bakmand Skovsen, der 2013 die Nummer 3 der European Championships war, über die Veranstaltung:

Like the poster, the motorbikes which will be used for the race are also from a bygone era both regarding to their looks and age. The bikers are of course allowed to renovate the motorbikes, so that they are ready for the race, but it must be done with respect for the original. The motorbikes have to look like when they were made, and, among other things, the spring suspension is not allowed to be altered, so it required iron founders like in the olden days”

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Die Jungs der Dänischen Motocross-Seite MX-Index haben die Classic European Motocross Championship mit der Kamera verfolgt – ein absolut sehenswerter Film! Also lehnt euch zurück und genießt die Bikes in Action!